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Times in Tomelilla


Alt.  Start     Latest return

  1     9.30      13.30

  2    13.45     17.45     

  3*  18.00     21.00

* 3 evening tour only monday-thursday week 20-32


Please respect our times, both starting and latest return. If you are late it will cause a lot of trouble not only for yourself but for others as well.. 

karta fyledalen
 Map over the railbike tour Tomelilla - Fyledalen





whi 2012kulturpris

Stephan received the Culture price in Tomelilla 2012 for the Railbiking Tomelilla-Fyledalen! A great honor and pleasure to be recognized for your work in this way!





wdj glada tomelilla

On your Railbiketour to Fyledalen the Kite (The symbol of Tomelilla) watches you and your company.



Railbiking Tomelilla - Fyledalen

Here you will bike on an old railway, surrounded by beautiful nature and that once crossed Skåne from Simrishamn in the East to Malmö in the West. You will arrive in Fyledalen that became a nature reserve in May 2015. The track ends out in the valley and you turn thé bike (weight is 60kg) to bike the same way back home again. We have three nice picnic spots for our visitors along the railway, one of which, Banvakten's meadow, has got a bbq spot. Bring charcoal and fuel. Disposable grills are not allowed! A toilet is available at the track close to Banvakten's meadow.


wdr startklar


The railway crossing, road 11 by the Folk high school of Österlen. Park your car at "Österlens folkhögskolas" parkinglot on the little hill and walk across the lawn to the big red station-building where we will meet you. It's not permitted to drive your car on the lawn!


wdr km63


Around 18km roundtrip. It's around 1h 50min biking, whereof 50min is from the start and 1h is the way back. (Partly small uphill).

*Always look ahead!
*Adjust the speed for the sake of everyone´s safety.
*Keep a good distance to the railbike in front of you to avoid accidents.
*Never put your feet down in front of the railbike! You can hurt yourself and the railbike can get damaged if it derails.
*If the railbike is damaged trough carelessness you are obliged to pay compensation.


winf vagpromenad

*You will cross several roads. You always have to give way for other traffic.
*Always stop in time at ”stop” signs and lead the railbike over the road, one at a time; to avoid accidents.
*If you meet another railbiker along the way, the person who is biking downhill has to stop and lift his railbike off the track and let the other person pass. Please help eachother. Always remove your railbike off the track when you take a longer break.
*Adjust the speed for the sake of everyone´s safety.

*Don´t throw your garbage in the nature, take it with you.
*If you smoke; think about the fire risk.

The railbike was invented in the 1840's by the German man Karl Drais and was used among other things by the track walkers on their daily inspecion tours along the rail. The railbike was also used when repair and maintenance work was done on the railway. Nowadays, most of the railbikes are gone, but we've managed to save a few. The one you bike on here with us is a copy of the model that was used in the 20-50's. Altough there have been some improvements to better fit for its purpose which is a fun activity for family and friends, rather than a working-vehicle which used to be its main purpose. In old "railway language", the railbike is called "Wheeler".



1893 the railway was opened and was at the time private property. The route was Tomelilla - Sjöbo – Malmö. “MöToJ”

1925 the rail was changed for a stronger model so that it could take heavier trains. This was during the golden days of the railway.

1942 SJ bought the railway.

1954 Högestad Station was shut down.

1970 the passenger traffic was shut down.

1979 the last goods train ran.

1987 Tomelilla bought the railway from SJ. When the railway hadn´t been used for some years it started to get overgrown with weeds.

1988 we realized that we had to do something about the railway otherwise it would be totally overgrown. So we started to weed the track, and remove trees and shrubs.

1989, late summer, we had reached our goal; it was now possible to go by railbike from Tomelilla to Fyledalen where the rail was removed in 1990 despite our persistent attempts to stop it.

1990 In February, the authorities of Sjöbo tore up the railway; despite our persistent attempts to save it...

1993 We could celebrate the 100 year anniversary of "MöToJ"! In the beginning of the 2000s, an eager discussion started regarding re-opening the traffic for trains on the railway from Tomelilla to Malmö. Our list of signatures probably contributed a bit to that a wise decision about not building the new railway through Fyledalen wad made, after many years of discussion. Nowadays we call the rail Tomelilla - Fyledalen Jernväg "TFJ" due to the fact that it now actually ends in Fyledalen...

2012 Stephan got the Culture prize of Tomelilla for the railbiking Tomelilla - Fyledalen.



wdr 2tjejerTwo girls on adventure!



wdj radjursspar 01Roe deer crossing the track



wdr rullst 01 13Our 4wheeler used for wheelchairs




winf faristThe railbiker has to give way for everyone!

Högestad's cows can cross our track at two places via a cattle-grids. This is to facilitate the work of the animalkeepers and the animals can then move freely between the pastures in the valley.




wdr regn 2006Some days it´s raining,




wdr dressin101and some days it´s almost too hot..