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Skånska Järnvägar


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SkJ enthusiasts.

 SkJ is a museum railway with a group of active enthusiasts that mainly during summertime run steam train traffic between Sankt Olof - Brösarp.
It's considered by many to be the most beautiful one in Sweden.



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Take a seat and shut the doors.



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 During the train journey you will pass the station in Vitaby where quite a few trains take breaks. You will also pass by the station of Ravlunda where they still have hand-cranked bars. A train journey to recommend!




Skånska Järnvägar (Skånska Railways)


Some short history from Skånska Järnvägars website

The railway line between Brösarp and S:t Olof (a part of the "Ystad-Brösarp" railway company) was opened in 1901. It was nationalized in 1941 and the passenger traffic ceased at the end of 1971.

The railway is standard gauge (1435 mm) with a length of 13.4 km. There is a total of four stations along the route (Brösarp, Ravlundabro, Vitaby and S:t Olof).

The Skånska Järnvägar preservation society began running it's steam trains in the summer of 1971, as the first standard gauge veteran railway in Sweden. Brösarp is the main terminus, with sheds and works facilities.


Click HERE to get to SkJs website and see timetables for steam train etc. If you plan your visit well, you can manage to go for a railbike ride and a journey with the steam train during the same day.




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SkJ   A journey through time..



wsto lokdetalj hjulFantastic and beautiful mechanics.


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The smoke rises from the chimney.



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It's a neverending mechanically job to make sure that all old things work like they should.


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No plastic, pure iron..



wsto mot brosarp 03Into the fog..