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1893  20/9 The railway was inaugurated. Opened for public traffic 22/9 and was private property back then. The route was Malmö - Sjöbo - Tomelilla. " MöToJ "

1896  Cimbrishamn -Tomelilla Jernväg was taken over by MöToJ and now they were commonly called " MSJ " Malmö - Simrishamns railroad.

1925  The old 25kg rails was changed for a sturdier version (41kg) to be able to handle heavier trains. These was the "golden days" of the railroad.

1942  1/7 The state (SJ) took over the railroad.

1954  1/4 Högestad station was closed. 

1970  25/8 The last public passenger train departed. 

1979  The last freight train departed. 

1985  14/6 The first idea about railbiking in Fyledalen was born. Stephan then bought the first railbike from Charles who was a retired railway worker and lived in a little house next to the railroad by Fyledalen.

1987  Tomelilla municipality bought the railroad from SJ. The railroad began to overgrow because it wasn't used for several years.

1988  We realized that something had to be done to prevent the railroad to completely overgrow. During the summer of 88, (with permission from the municipality) we started to clear the railroad from all the bushes and trees that was now freely growing there. 

1989  We reached our goal this during late summer and one could now bike all the way from Tomelilla, through the beautiful nature in Fyledalen to the municipality boarder to Sjöbo.

1990  In February, Sjöbo municipality tore up the rest of the railroad despite our desperate attempt to save it... 

1993  22/9 we celebrated "MöToJ"s 100y anneversery!

Into the 2000s talet,
people started talking about maybe start reopen the railroad for train traffic between Tomelilla and Malmö. Our collection of names of people who were against this probably contributed to Not go through with this idea after several years of discussion.
Nowadays we call the railroad Tomelilla-Fyledalen Jernväg "ToFJ" because it now actually ends in Fyledalen!

 Stephan recived the culture price from Tomelillas for the railbiking as an activity.

2017 We build our railbike station in Tomelilla which contains of a goods warehouse that brings reminds you of the old Swedish railroad environments during the late 1800s along with one smaller "station bulding" which is also inspired by those old days. Both buildings are however brand new.