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FAQ - Answers to frequently asked questions...


How do we pay?

From June 1th 2021 you book your tour online and pay directly with your Master or Visa card. Then you'll get your ticket sent to your mail.
If you visit us spontaniously and wish to pay in cash, you must bring the exact amount of money because we do not carry change anymore.
If you have a Swedish phone, you can also use the payment app Swish.


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We have a six months old baby, how do we do?

Babies can join, bring the very first modell of the car seat (up to 11 months) and we will attach it to the floor of the railbike with straps. The baby car seat will during all times be turned facing the bench where You're sitting, regardless weather and sun. This way, hands and feet cannot be injured by the wheel of the railbike. Bring mosquito net and rain protection if needed. Feel free to combine with a baby carrier for some change. You can bring some kind of ear protection for the baby.
When booking, always let us know if You're planning to bring your baby. 

Specialdressin m hund

Can/Am I allowed to bring my dog on the railbike?

You are allowed to bring your dog, but sometimes it can be better for both You and your dog if it stays at home. Many dogs get very anxious from the railbiking and just want to jump off. Sometimes it ends up with one of you returning to the car with the doggie. Dogs are absolutely forbidden to run beside the railbike. A couple of years ago there was a poor dog who lost 25% of his tail because his owner had let him run beside the railbike even though we told them not to...
If your dog is coming with you, You have to make sure that you bring something soft that the dog can sit on. If it's a lapdog it's way easier. If you're biking to Gyllebosjön it's good to know that the dog is NOT allowed on the beach area.
When booking, let us know if your dog is joining.
We have a custom built railbike with a dog cage that You can book on the track i Tomelilla, but it's intended for bigger dogs only, like a labrador or similar, or if you've got medium 2 dogs. The cage is W90 D55 H60.  2 people do the biking on this one. The dog-railbike costs 500 Sek to rent.


wvax plocka ramslok



Can I pick ramson?

Since Fyledalen became a nature reserve 2015 the following rules applies: You can pick ramson-leaves and its flowers for private use if you pick them carefully and don't pull up the onions. All sorts of commercial picking for example to restaurants is forbidden in the nature reserves in both Fyledalen and Gyllebosjön and can end up with getting a fine.


We are three people who want to bike, is 1 railbike enough?

Our rules are the following: Two people can go on the railbike together with a third person who has to be no older than six years old. This is a rule of safety that we, just as all other safety, look seriously at.
If you are three people, one of you bike alone and you can for example change by a crossroad where you have to stop anyway. 


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Railbiking combined with alcohol?

It is allowed to drink alcohol while railbiking, though WITHIN REASONABLE amounts. If your intention is to create a "drinking party" you are looking at the wrong activity... It's very important to always have a good judgement since you're on a vehicle and can injure yourself as well as others very seriously if your judgement fails you and you collide with another railbike or something else on the track. If you cause injuries to other people, animals, railbikes or similar, with our without being affected by alcohol, You will be liable for the damages.


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What do we do with our garbage?

Your garbage is your responsibility, that means you always have to bring your waste with you back since no trashbins are available in the nature. It's not possible for us to provide because during nighttime, all the animals will "empty" your garbage in search for food. Please think about the environment. Our goal is to run this tourist company in a way such that it can't be seen that you've been there at all. That way it's also nicer for you and others to visit next time.


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Is there a toilet?

In Tomelilla, there is a toilet by Banvaktens kiosk, right next to the track. In Sankt Olof there's a toilet in the beginning by the station and one by the lake. Use them! To pee out in the nature where you don't disturb anyone is ok. BUT to leave behind your "peeing-papers" is definitly not ok! That goes for both kids and aunties! Learn from the cats; kick up a small hole in the ground and bury your paper under dirt and leaves and it will decompose in about two-three weeks. If you just leave it in the free air it's gonna lie there and look disgusting for several months. Don't leave anything behind execpt your footprints...  



wdr rullst 01 13



I'm in a wheelchair, can I still join?

Yes you can! We've got a special wheelchair-friendly railbike in Tomelilla. You will also get a ramp with you on the track so that you can get help with getting on and off the railbike. However, you will need to bring two people with you that have to pedal while you just enjoy the nature...    


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Can we make a barbecue? 

Yes, but only at intended barbecue places. By Banvaktens äng (meadow), barley a hundred meters from the kiosk, we have our own Asterix & Obelix grill where you as a visitor of the railbiking can make yourself a nice meal together with your friends. There's room for about 30 people sitting around the same table. The grill is in the middle.
If you're biking the Sankt Olof - Gyllebosjö track you will find a barbecue place right next to Gyllebosjön (the lake). You will share this grill with other visitors by the lake.

You bring your own charcoal and fuel to either place. 


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Meeting with another railbike?

If you along the track meet other railbikers, the group with less amount of people will lift their railbikes off the track and let the bigger group pass. Please help eachother out! Remember that the ground under the grass isn't always flat. Check so that you don't step right out into a stream! Each group are responsible for their own railbikes, so it's not recommended to change with someone else...
When you're having a break, lift your railbike off the track completely so that others can pass easily without the risk of colliding.
Railbike with wheelchair always have the right of way, no matter how many there are in the other group. 


Do I need a helmet?

No. Bike with usual common sense, keep distance, 25m or more. Also make sure children (and adults) are sitting down on the bench and don't climb around. NEVER stand up on the railbike's floor or bench.


wdr regn 2006


If it rains, what do we do?

Railbiking is just like football, golf, orientation, hiking etc, an outdoor actvity and we are going even if it rains. Dress after the weather. If you absolutely don't want to go out in rain, then wait to make a booking until you've checked the forecast...


Cancellations, changes. What are the rules?

We are handling a lot of errands per day and must have Your changes in good time to be able to offer any free spaces to others that often are on a waiting list if something becomes available. These people must get a chance to prepair their visit, picnic and so on. 

Read about our cancellation policies under the tab Contact&Booking