Hiking is an extraordinary way to explore the nature. Not only do you get fresh air but exercise and a nature experience as well! A hike can be everything from a short walk in the home backyard forest in your everyday sneakers, to a much tougher experience with necessary gear and pro boots among the mountains at another continent... Everyone can do a hike in their own way and according to their own conditions. The only important thing is to feel good and pleased about it after.

We at Äventyr på Österlen koncentrate at the surrounding region in and around Fyledalen where you can find us with railbiking, Banvaktens kiosk including coffee, waffles, ice cream and bike rentals. Fyledalen became a nature reserve in May 2015 and after this, we have noticed an increasing amount of visitors in the valley. This is great, but it also means that more cars are gonna pass through the area and that's not so great. That's why we've presented a few suggestions here of how you can plan a pleasant and slightly different visit with us in Fyledalen without coming by car.

The hiking routes start from 'Skånetrafikens' bus stops that are located in connetcion to Fyledalen and the different stages are between 4 and 8km of walk down to Banvakten's lodge. To return, we suggest you to walk a different route than the one you took to get here. This will make a greater experience. The routes will lead you on small gravelroads with not many cars. Some of the routes start/ends with a shorter walk on asphalt.

Here are some suggestions of places to start/finish:

Bus stop Röddinge Landsvägen
Directions: Röddinge Landsvägen - Banvakten  ca: 4km

Bus stop Ramsåsa
Directions: Ramsåsa - Banvakten  ca: 2,9km

Bus stop Benestad
Directions: Benestad Övrabyvägen - Banakten  ca: 6km

Bus stop Svampakorset
Directions: Tomelilla Svampakorset - Banvakten  ca: 5,8km

Bus stop Anklam

That start from parkinglots in Fyledalen