For bookings and questions:

Call 0417-101 52. Every day between 08,00 - 08,30

If you want to make a reservation further ahead you can also send a question by text sms to +46709209209 

If you are out biking on one of our tracks and are in need of assistance, call our emergency number


From May 2017 the following rules applies:

Railbiking is an outdor activity and is obviously most enjoyable when the sun is shining and the weather is beautiful. But just like football, golf and hiking, railbiking can be done even if it rains and it's windy. One simply has to dress after the weather. Cancellation due to "bad weather" is therefore not accepted. If you absolutely cannot imagine to railbike in rain, wait to cancel until you've checked the weather forecast.
We're handling many errands every day and require Your booking modifications in enough time to be able to offer another group of the same size the emerged spaces. These people obviously need a chance to get ready, call their friends and prepare their picnic basket and so on. 

Following times applies for cancelation.
1-3 railbikes, no later than 24h before planned departure.
4-9 railbikes, 3 days before planned departure.
For 10 or more railbikes, one week in advance.

N.B! For any unannounced changes, You will be charged for the amount booked spaces. 

This is how you do...
Send a text message
 with which Date and Place your booking is for (Tomelilla / Sankt Olof) Departuretime along with the Name and Phone Number to the person the booking was made by. Send to +46(0)709209209.

Start your message with "Cancellation / Change" or whatever the message is about.