Äventyr på Österlen

png telefon(+46)709 209209

All contact regarding bookings are made through phone and textmessage.

Safest time to reach us is during the morning 8,00-8,30



For bookings and questions:

Call +46 (0)709 209 209. Every day between 08,00 - 08,30

If you want to make a reservation further ahead you can also send a text message to the number above.

New for 2021

During spring 2021 we're going to change our booking system to onlinebooking and at the same time adjust our pricing a bit. You will now pay per railbike instead of per person as before. The number of people allowed on one bike is the same as before. From 1st June we will also change the rules regarding cancellation and changes. Read more under "Cancellation" below.
If you've got a gift voucher, you need to let us know when you book.


Prices 2021

You can see below which different combinations of people that are allowed on one railbike.
It's very important that you read and take part of this before you make a reservation, so that the right amount of railbikes are available for you when you arrive. Otherwise some of you might have to stay behind.
 If you feel unsure, call us and we will help you.


Person = Everyone who has turned 7
Child = 2-6 years

2pers 2pers 1b 1pers 1pers 1b 1pers 2b

Railbike 350sek

These combinations are allowed on one railbike:
*Two people

*Two people + 1 child (max 6 years)
*One solo person
*One person + 1 child (max 6 years)

*One person + 2 children (max 6 years)

Babies younger than 2 years always goes for free, but maxium one per railbike. Read more on FAQ


Person = Everyone who has turned 7

Child = 2-6 years



Rullstol Hund

Special Railbike 500sek

For you who are wheelchair-bound, there's a Special Railbike you can book for the track in Tomelilla. This railbike is made for two people who does the biking and you relax in your wheelchair on a platform between them. You'll get a ramp with you for getting on and off the railbike out in the nature. Read more on FAQ

The special Railbike can also be booked by you who've got a big dog you'd like to bring. Then the dog sits in our metal cage between the two of you that does the biking. The measurements of the cage in cm is W90 D55 H60. It holds one big dog or two smaller ones. Read more on FAQ


Due to our upcoming online booking system this spring 2021, we will make some adjustments for how changes and cancellations work. 

For raibiking from June 1 2021 and forward it´s not possible to change/cancel your booking later than 7 days before your visit.
Up to 7 days before your visit it´s possible to cancel your booking for a 25% fee on the total amount of the booking. After that, you are free to make a new booking if you want. 

For railbiking until May 31, these are the rules:
Cancellations due to "bad weather" will not be approved. If you're completely against biking in the rain, then wait to book until you've checked the weather forecast.
All changes / cancellations for railbiking until May 31 has to be made no later than 3 days before your visit. Read below how you do this.


Covid-19 symptoms:
If you or anyone in your group has covid-19 symptoms, please call or text us no later than 8 in the morning the day of your visit. 


Every day we're handling a great amount of customers and we need to know about your changes or cancellations in time so that we can offer the seats to another group who wants to go. We often have a waiting list and these people must have a chance to gather their group and pack their picnic. 


OBS! If you fail to inform us about your changes, you will still be charged for all your booked seats. 


This is how you do...
Send a text message
 with which Date and Place your booking is for (Tomelilla / Sankt Olof) Departuretime along with the Name and Phone Number to the person the booking was made by. Send to +46(0)709209209.

Start your message with "Cancellation / Change" or whatever the message is about.